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imageAustria is a largely mountainous country due to its location at the eastern end of the Alps. This mountain range dominates the western and southern parts of Austria while the country’s lower-lying eastern provinces are in the Danube basin.

The most important sectors of Austria’s economy in 2012 were wholesale and retail trade, transport, accommodation and food services (22.3 %), industry (21.8 %) and public administration, defence, education, human health and social work activities (17.7 %).

Austria’s main export partners are Germany, Italy and the US, while its main import partners are Germany, Italy and Switzerland.




Year of EU entry: 1995

Capital: Vienna

Geographical size: 83 879.0 km²

Population: 8 408 121

Currency: Member of the eurozone since 1999 (€)

Schengen area: Member of the Schengen area since 1995

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